Our company is occupying our unique position in the business field since its establishment as one of the very specialized manufacturers of bee’s wax that are not countable many even in the world market. To our great pleasure, the demand of natural wax is steadily grown up and our products are delivered not only to the whole areas of Japan but also exported world widely to the overseas market. Based on the target to achieve better quality and our mission to achieve purified bleaching of bee’s wax that exerts original characteristics of bee’s wax, our company is paying our incessant effort to implement research and development as well as introduction of our products to the new customers.

Company Profile
Company name Miki Chemical Industry & Co., Ltd.
address 5-210 Kamada, Hirohata-ku,Himeji City, Hyogo 671-1102, Japan
TEL +81-792-363272
FAX +81-792-362284
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Himeji Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Himeji-chuo Branch
Company History
1948 Manufacturing business of Bee’s wax started under the name of the Miki Sarashi (Bleaching) plant
1952 The company name was changed to Miki Chemical industry & Co., Ltd. The business of manufacturing and distribution of Bee’s wax started in full swing.
1965 Approved as bonded factory
1970 Authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as export contribution company
1973 Head office of the company completed at the current location.
1974 Pharmaceutical approval (Japan Pharmacopoeia) obtained
1976 No.2 Plant completed 1979 Manufacturing patent of ozone deodorization and bleaching obtained
1979 Obtained a patent for decolorizing and deodorizing manufacturing method using ozone
1982 No.3 plant completed
1986 Candelilla Wax refining plant completed
1991 No.3 Warehouse completed
1997 Obtained approval of manufacturing food additives
1999 Obtained a food additive manufacturing license
2003 Product warehouse construction
2009 Molding factory construction 

Equipment introduction

Overseas raw material production area

アルゼンチン 型入れ後固化風景
アルゼンチン 型入れ用タンク
アルゼンチン 農家からの粗ミツロウ
エチオピア 型入れ風景
エチオピア 原料固化
タンザニア 粗原料選別風景
Wide area